Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is one of the most inconvenient and damaging crises that homeowners face. Because your basement is below ground, it’s subject to all kinds of leakage and flooding. Often, it’s also the area that takes damage when a pipe bursts.

If your basement has flooded, call the plumbers at S.P. Palmer and Sons immediately. Our team is among the most responsive in the Greenwich and Stamford, CT areas, and we’ll get to you fast to repair your problem and stem the damage that flooding can cause.

Possible Causes of Basement Flooding

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why your basement has flooded until we actually get there and examine it. Often, though, the culprit is a burst pipe. Pipes burst for a variety of reasons, often due to the cold. The water inside the pipes freezes into ice, which expands, pushing on the walls of the pipe until it bursts. Sewage backup can also cause flooding.


Don’t enter the flooded area unless you’re sure that it’s safe. Electrical shock, gas leaks and other hazards can accompany flooding. But if it’s possible to do so safely, try to turn off your main incoming water valve. If the culprit is a sewage backup (evidenced by dirty water), then don’t flush any toilets or use any appliance that has a drain.

Recovering from a flooded basement can be a lengthy process. Call a plumber as soon as you see that your basement is flooding to minimize the damage as much as possible.

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